Consulting Services to effectively fuel your campaign

Areas of Practice


Crafting Your strategy

A winning campaign has a strategic vision that considers all variables in play. Prior to implementation, our strategy concepts go through a research process in which voter data, district conditions, local/national discourse, targeting, and copious other elements are contemplated. The fluidity of a campaign makes it imperative to establish a standard operating procedure given any situation that arises. We assist you every step of the way in making sure our strategy is not only smart, but amplified to full mobilizing effect. With North Shore, let our strategy be your victory.


Want to know what's happening in the mind of your constituents? Wondering how certain groups and communities feel about a specific issue? North Shore's low cost polling will help you better guide your narrative by conducting live and automated phone surveys to any sample, anywhere.

field: Door to Door

Face to face conversations between voters and campign representatives have proven to be the most effective medium in terms of galvanizing support for your candidate. North Shore Strategies tried and tested canvassing formula incorporates data with the power of peopel to create the most effective and quality controlled canvass operations money can buy. Through extensive goal planning, management training, micro-targeting, and flawless execution our 21st century approach to canvassing has proven to engage voters at a heightened impact.

Data Analytics

Voter data is one of the most valuable yet underused tools at a campaigns disposal. At North Shore, we undergo extensive analysis of data points regarding voter demographics, turnout rates, housing, and more to provide you with easy to understand information. With this information, we can then determine your success margin and necessary vote totals district by district, block by block, voter by voter.


Ballot Access

You can't run for office if you aren't on the ballot. North Shore Strategies petitioning program has you covered so that candidates can worry less about getting on the ballot and more about being the best voice for their constituents.


gotv coordination

Having a smooth and coherent system of operations on Election Day is paramount to ensure the best chance of success. From strategically acquired office spaces to navigating canvassers on the ground and around polling sites, managing all these resources takes on the spot decision making to optimize and effectively execute election day objectives. Our seasoned and experienced coordinators will ensure that every available resource is adequately utilized and well managed in this live environment.

Direct mail design

Direct Mail is a vital communication method in terms of disseminating your message to a broad audience in a short amount of time. Our direct mail strategies are layered in conjunction with other outreach mediums so voters know you better than the opposition. Unlike most firms, we at North Shore use no direct mail templates but instead personalize each design to fir your style and desire. Our direct mail pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry because spreading your narrative shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Field: Telephones

Our predictive dialer system transforms your typical phone bank into a well-oiled voter engagement machine. Through the dialer, we increase contacts and eliminate bad phone numbers, boosting any volunteer phone bank to its full potential.

Debate prep

Debates are an important platform to highlight how you differ from your opponents and an opportunity to persuade undecided voters. Proper preparation from our team will give you that subtle edge needed to get your message across and promote your campaign ideals.