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Headquartered in New York City, North Shore Strategies has empowered Democratic and progressive campaigns from around the State. Our firm specializes in direct contact consulting services to a wide array of campaigns and causes. From local City Council members to Congressional candidates, to grassroots startups and specialty causes, we use our combined experience and knowledge base to deliver a tailored and unique product that best serves each client’s goals and needs.

Our team has developed and refined systems that have been shown through quantifiable results to push the needle, time and time again. Whether you are new to the arena or are looking to make a significant impact in your current position, North Shore Strategies will be the influential factor that will make the difference for years to come.

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"The team at North Shore Strategies is among the best in the country when it comes to identifying, mobilizing, and turning out voters to the polls. Their attention to detail, effective training and recruitment techniques, and ability to understand each campaign's unique needs on the ground make them second to none."  

Ashleigh Owens

Campaign Manager

Mike McMahon for District Attorney




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Our Team


Brendan Klein • Partner

A Northeast Queens native, Brendan enjoys ten years of experience in local campaign management, strategic messaging, targeting, operations, and more. He began his career at the age of 18 and since then he has worked at every level of local and federal campaigns.

Prior to NSS's inception Brendan provided field, petitions, staffing, and outreach services to candidates and clients throughout New York City, and since then as a partner for North Shore Strategies he has developed and delivered successful direct contact programs for both political and private clients from New York to Los Angeles.

Brendan is a staunch proponent of employing data-driven micro-targeting techniques coupled with goal-oriented implementation through the power of people to maximize quality voter engagement. Through his numerous victories it became abundantly clear that the firms models were conducive to success for any political or private agenda.


William Deegan • Partner

Will got his start in politics as an organizer on a state senate race in Brooklyn shortly before graduating from Union College, and instantly knew that this was his calling.  Following graduation he spent time with NY ACORN and the Working Families Party before getting started as a freelance political outreach consultant.

Will specializes in targeting, print design, messaging, and digital communications, and has played an integral role in several historic races in the New York City area.  He credits these victories to careful micro-targeting, well organized campaign logistics and an amazing team. 

In his spare time, Will flies kites, rock climbs and home-brews beer.


Randall Franklin • Chief of Staff

After graduating college, Randall Franklin has since worked on competitive local and national races. Prior to joining North Shore, he was a Regional Field Director with the New York State Democratic Party, as well as a Senior National Field Organizer for Apploi.

With over ten years of political campaign work and sales management experience, Randall has facilitated key operational strategies for a number of successful programs. He specializes in recruiting and developing the right team to be the most effective ground force for every program. As Chief of Staff, Randall ensures the operations and logistics of every program are executed to maximize every program's potential success.

When he's not working on campaigns, Randall is a committed athlete. He competes in state power lifting competitions and can dead-lift 600lbs, which is the weight of an average North American Grizzly Bear.