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Empowering New York Democratic Candidates since 2014

Headquartered in New York City, North Shore Strategies has represented and empowered clients from all five of the neighboring boroughs and beyond. Our firm specializes in direct contact consulting services to a wide array of democratic campaigns and causes. From local City Council members to Congressional candidates, to grassroots Startups and specialty causes, we use our combined experience and knowledge base to deliver a tailored and unique product that best serves your individual needs and concerns.

Our team has developed and refined a system that has been shown to push the needle, through results, time and time again. Whether you are new to the arena or are looking to make a significant impact in your current position, North Shore Strategies will be the influential factor that will make the difference for years to come.

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Areas of Practice

Crafting your strategy

A winning campaign has a strategic vision that considers all variables in play. This fluidity makes it imperative to establish a standard operating procedure that is capable of handling any situation that may arise. That’s where we come in.


Want to have better insight into the minds of your constituents? Need clarity on how particular groups and communities feel about specific issues? North Shore's target polling strategy will help you effectively guide your narrative to address these concerns by utilizing our surveys systems to reach any sample target, anywhere.

Data analytics

Voter data is one of the most valuable yet often underused tools as a campaign's disposal. We at North Shore undergo extensive analysis of data points regarding voter demographics, turnout rates, housing etc. to provide a visual margin for success.

Debate prep

Debates are an important platform to highlight how you differ from your opponents and an opportunity to persuade undecided voters. Proper preparation from our team will give you that subtle edge needed to get your message across and promote your campaign ideals.

Ballot Access

Getting on the ballot is the first step in running for office. Our petitioning program takes care of this phase so you can better focus on being the best voice for your constituents.

gotv coordination

Having a smooth and coherent system of operations on Election Day is paramount to ensure the best chance of success. Our seasoned and experienced coordinators will ensure that resources and poll sites are well managed in this live environment.


Let our strategy be your Victory
— William Deegan, Partner


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