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Barnwell 2016 Primary Conversion Rates

Barnwell 2016 Primary Conversion Rates

Barnwell 2016

Our formula delivered big in Brian Barnwell’s bid for Assembly District 30. We implemented a plan that not only identified and targeted the voters who were most likely to support Brian but motivated them to the polls in record numbers to defeat an 18 year incumbent. The voters we spoke to during our program turned out at roughly three times the rate of those we missed, and at nearly five times the average rate district-wide, granting Brian Barnwell upset victories in both the Primary and General Election. On Primary Day we released a small army of paid canvassers to knock & drag our supporters to the polls. We executed a blind pull of Maspeth & Middle Village voters agitated at the prospect of a local homeless shelter in their community. We won with 62%. Our opponent didn’t know what hit them.

Carroll 2016

During Robert Carroll’s 2016 run for State Assembly, the question was never “will we win” but rather “by how much”. All indicators predicted we would achieve either 85% of the vote or 5,000 net votes, probably not both. Through sharpened targeting, effective mail, a robust volunteer presence, and an aggressive paid canvass we were able to pull in 6,000+ votes at a 90% share. There was an incredibly strong correlation between positive IDs by ED, and votes cast for Carroll, a correlation coefficient of .92! Robert Carroll achieved the second highest vote total of any candidate in New York State that Primary cycle.

Carroll 2016 Primary Conversion Rates

Carroll 2016 Primary Conversion Rates

Rose Primary graph.PNG

Max Rose 2018

During the June Federal Primary cycle in NY11 we established a plan to dominate the competition. With 5 other Primary opponents, our goal with Max Rose was to achieve 51% of the vote, a plurality, putting us in a position of strength for the General. The campaign made two investments during the Primary; field and a handful of direct mail pieces. We surpassed our petitioning goals by 28%, our positive ID goals by 32%,in what is arguably the most effective Democratic Primary operation Staten Island has ever seen. We established a region-based system that took months of development, placing each middle manager in charge of a certain sub section of the district. They coordinated poll watchers, canvassers, and rovers within their jurisdiction. The result? We pulled out 11,000 votes for Max Rose, an astounding 65% in a 6-candidate race.